Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Free Printable Christmas Planner (2014)

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Now that the weather is finally starting to turn a bit cooler, I am finally getting my head around the fact that it is Christmas is in a few weeks. And what better way to prepare for the upcoming festivities than with a shiny new printable Christmas planner?

You can still get the 2013 Christmas planner here, but I am loving my new version. I am big on printables which are pretty but don't eat up half your printer ink! Here is what is included...

#1 Coversheet

Because every planner needs a fancy cover.

#2 Gift Planner

One of the parts of Christmas which needs the most planning is the gift giving. This page helps you to plan what you are purchasing your family and friends.

#3 Budget Planner

Christmas doesn't have to cost a lot to be special but, let's face it, many of us like to blow the budget on making the occasion memorable. You can use this to keep track of your spending (whether it is gifts, food or entertainment), so you don't end up spending more than you intended.

#4 December Calendar (Perpetual)

I think most households are busy in December, with all of the parties and school nativity plays. Having a calendar to keep track of it all is essential! You could print off a separate one for each family member.

#5 Christmas Meal Planner

In many families, Christmas dinner is a a traditional roast. Somehow all of the extra trimmings and the extra large turkey means that it needs to be planned with military precision! This page helps to plan what you are serving and your timings.

#6 Christmas Card List

Writing holiday cards tends to be something which you either love or loathe! This sheet will help to keep you organized so that the process is quicker and easier, whichever camp you fall into.

#7 Festive Baking

For me, one of the most magical parts of Christmas is the build up rather than the big day. I really love creating a festive themed bucket list for the kids (and for myself!). I have created a blank bucket list for baking...

#8 Holiday Crafts

...festive crafts...

#9 Christmas Activities

...and holiday activities.

#10 Family Traditions

It can be fun to introduce new traditions which make the holiday season special for your family - but it can also be quite difficult to remember every tradition once you've created a few. This page should help jog your memory!

#11 Christmas Ornament Inventory

It can be very tempting to buy sparkly new decorations in the run up to December, but often you find you had too much already once you get the box of ornaments down from the attic. This ornament inventory will help remind you what you've got and where you stored it.

#12 Notes

And for the rest of your holiday needs there is this page! Print out lots and put them in the back of your Christmas planner.

I hope that this planner helps you to have a stress free, organized holiday season.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Best Christmas Fonts 2014

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It's time for my annual Christmas fonts post! My 2012 festive fonts post and 2013 Christmas fonts collection pretty much cover all of the "proper" Christmassy typefaces, so this year I have done something a little different.

Rather than going for fonts which were actually created especially for the festive season, I have selected regular fonts which evoke a feel of the holiday season (in my opinion at least). Many of these fonts were released recently, so hopefully even the most die hard font fanatics will find something new to download!

All of the fonts are free if you are using them for non-commercial purposes. Here are the links:

Santa - Berty Script

Rudolph - Dutch and Harley

Dasher - CF Jacques Cartier

Dancer - Betty

Prancer - Mougatine

Vixen - Mandala Home

Cupid - Midnight Hymn

Blitzen - DJB Dear St. Nick

Donner - La Truite A Papa

Comet - Mademoiselle Camille

Now I just need to come up with some projects to use them for. :-)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

150+ Stocking Filler Ideas For Kids And Teens

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October passed by in a busy blur (as evidenced by my lack of posting, oops), and now there are just 50 days until Christmas! Unfortunately the Halloween bits and pieces I put together last month never actually made it onto the blog because I didn't have enough time to post them, but I'm determined that for the next few weeks I will be a bit more reliable about ticking things off my blogging to do list.

I'm kicking off the first of many festive posts with my updated stocking filler idea list. On it are over 150 ideas for kids from toddler age up until the teenage years. I've categorized the ideas so that you can tailor it more specifically to your child's interests and I've also made sure that all budgets are catered for. If you have any fantastic suggestions which I haven't included, please leave me a comment and I will add it onto the list. :-)


Food is quite an easy one when it comes to bulking out stockings so I don't think that I need to put too many suggestions in this category. A quick stroll down the Christmas aisle in any shop should give you plenty of ideas!

Chocolate coins (traditional in many families)
Satsuma (also traditional, at least in the UK)
Candy canes
Gingerbread man
Astronaut food
Hot chocolate mix
Juice box (because opening presents is very thirsty work)


Personalized letter from Santa
Musical instruments (maracas, harmonicas, recorders and bells are all stocking friendly)
Bath toys
Small teddy
A doll
Action figures
Mini puzzles
Lego board game (small ones such as Minitaurus fit nicely in a stocking)
Traditional wooden toys
Building blocks
Lego minifigures
Small Lego models
Toy cars
Finger puppets

Jacks or pick up sticks game
Yo yo
Jump rope
Cat's cradle
Bouncy ball
Mini bubbles
Costume or play jewelry
Nail polish or make up
Glow sticks
Noise maker
Face painting kit
Temporary tattoos
Silly slime
Instant snow
Grow toys
Water pistol
Cookie cutters
Child size apron (and chef's hat)
Miniature torch
Magnifying glass
Whoopee cushion
Fossil excavation kit
Wooden dinosaur kit

Grow your own crystal kit
Pack of seeds (things such as sunflowers are easy for kids to grow)
Top Trumps
Personalized card from Topps Direct
Comic or magazine (roll it up to fit it into the stocking)
Video game
Gift certificate
Animal adoption pack (most zoos offer this)
Annual pass for a local attraction


If your kids have far too many toys and love art, creating a themed stocking full of craft supplies can be a great idea.

Smencils (like pencils, but scented)
Coloring pens
Paint brushes
Play dough or plasticine
Blu tack (essential in our house, as my kids like to put their masterpieces up on the playroom wall)
Glue sticks
Mini stapler (this was my youngest's favorite stocking filler one year)!
Window markers
Sticky tape (my kids like the sparkly kind)
Washi tape
Pom poms
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Pavement chalk
Bath crayons
Fabric pens (you could also slip a plain white T shirt into the stocking for your child to decorate)
Novelty rubbers
Rubber stamps
Novelty craft punch
Origami paper
Novelty post it notes
Fingerprint art set
Mini coloring books

Small craft books (Klutz do a great range of stocking-friendly craft books)
Mini Etch-a-Sketch
Pencil case


If Santa is feeling particularly generous this year, or your kids are teenagers, then your children might be receiving something electronic in their stocking...

MP3 Player
Fitbit (or similar wearable tech)
Mobile phone (cell phone, if you are American)
Digital photo frame (small ones are available, including keyring designs)
Camera (VTech do a great one for younger children)
Video camera
Game system controller (if your child is receiving a games console you can hide the console and place the controller in their stocking as a surprise)


Slippers or slipper socks
Alarm clock
Small jewelry box
Purse or wallet
Novelty bath foam
Bath or shower gel
Comb or hairbrush
Small mirror
Lip balm
Egg cup
Character spoon and fork set
Character mug, cup of drinks flask
Novelty drinks straw
Small photo album
Mini photo frame
Ear buds
Pocket diary
Personalized passport cover
Wooden letters, spelling out their name
Pocket sized hand warmers
A new ornament to hang on the Christmas tree
Thank you cards

Bonus suggestion :

A lump of coal.
In many cultures Santa traditionally leaves gifts for the good children and a lump of coal for the ones who are on the naughty list. If your children are much older and are familiar with the various Santa stories then placing a lump of coal in the top of their stocking can be very amusing for them. Alternatively, Tatertots and Jello have a great post on making a lump of coal gift box.