Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How to Make A Dobby Costume

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Our littlest boy, age 4, is sometimes affectionately referred to as Dobby the house elf because of his strange habit of clearing up after visitors (it’s all for show I think, he isn’t nearly as good at tidying up when there aren’t guests around). So coming up with a theme for his Halloween costume was easy! The nice thing about creating a Dobby fancy dress outfit is that it doesn’t cost very much – in fact, this didn’t cost me anything as I had all the bits we needed – and it’s really simple to make. This is how I did it...

Dobby Ears

I’ve seen a really cute crocheted hat with Dobby ears and if you are more talented than me then you could probably give that a go. I went for a quick and easy alice band and craft foam version, which took 5 minutes to complete (if that).

Step 1 – Make yourself a little template so that you know you are happy with the shape and size of the ears. You will also need to add a tab to wrap around the alice band and secure the ears (see next step).

Step 2 – Cut out two ears from a suitably coloured craft foam. Wrap the tabs around the alice band and staple them to keep them in place. They should be tight enough not to flop all over the place, but loose enough that you can adjust them into position while they are being worn. I like that they are removable so you can use the hair band for other things once Halloween is over!

Dobby Costume

Step 1 – The first thing I did was make a template for the neckline out of newspaper, to ensure that it would fit easily over his head. I didn’t worry about creating a template for the whole outfit as it is such a simple shape.

Step 2 – Next I drew out the outfit in pencil, using my template for the neckline and marking where I wanted the bottom of the arm holes to be. Then I cut out two identical pieces of fabric and pinned them together.

Step 3 – I’ll confess, I’m a little scared of my sewing machine, but this project was simple enough even for my mediocre sewing machine talents. I sewed up the sides, remembering to stop where I needed the arm holes to be, then sewed across the shoulders. I didn’t worry about hemming anything; house elves should not have proper clothes! Ditto the reason why I didn't iron the fabric before making the costume.

Step 4 – I turned the outfit inside out to hide the seams and the Dobby costume was complete.

Obviously in October, when the weather is likely to be cooler, I’ll put some suitable trousers and a top underneath. He loves his Dobby outfit and is super excited about wearing it for Halloween!


  1. Yay, I love this!!
    I am re-reading through all the Harry Potter books and my husband is reading them for the first time, so we are loving all the HP references right now!
    I'm an American living in England, so I love finding all the English blogs...I feel like I understand just a little better than my American friends!

    Found you through MMM, hope to have you stop by soon!

    1. Hi Camille, thanks for coming by and for the lovely comments! Will pay your blog a visit very soon.


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