Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Reindeer Food Recipe

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Day two of my make-for-Christmas week of posts and today I am sharing with you the reindeer food I have made. Believe it or not, I hadn’t even heard of the tradition until my eldest started school but now we scatter this for Santa’s reindeer every Christmas Eve just to make sure that our house doesn’t get missed!

Reindeer Food Recipe

1 cup porridge oats
 ¼ cup caster sugar (or other white sugar)
¼ cup sugar crystals in festive colours
2-3 tsp mixed spice

It’s a pretty standard recipe! The white sugar is to remind the reindeer of snow – we don’t get many white Christmases round here – and the sugar crystals are to catch Santa’s eye as they glint in the moonlight, so he knows where to park his sleigh. I also like to put in a teaspoon or two of mixed spice or cinnamon to make it smell festive.

In the past, I have just put the reindeer food mix in pretty little gift bags like this:

But this year I have gone one step further and actually created a proper box for it, (because I’m nerdy and over the top like that).  Like most things I make for my own use I’ll be sharing this printable with my readers on Freebie Thursday, but you will need to wait until 29th November as I’ve already got some letters to Santa printables scheduled for this week!

Who else is busy with their Christmas preparations this week?!


  1. Your reindeer food is so adorable. My daughter would love it. Saw your recipe on Inside BruCrew. Would love for you to share on Thursday's Treasures http://fooddonelight.com/thursdays-treasures-2/

  2. Reindeer food? .. yikes we have to make our over here, plus cookies for santa (of course!). I hadn't heard of that tradition either. My parents are from the caribbean island of Puerto Rico and they have the tradition of putting hay in a box under the bed for the horses (the maji) .. the 3 kings delivering gifts. As for xmas decorating, we dived into full out decorating the day after Thanksgiving starting with picking up out xmas tree. Happy Holidays!!!!

    1. I love hearing about other people's traditions, I hadn't heard that one! Don't think we'll be able to squeeze a box of hay under Ryan's new cabin bed ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the box! Cute idea to feed the reindeer, too. After all Santa gets cookies.


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