Tuesday, 11 December 2012

How to Make a Bauble Wreath

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I absolutely love bauble wreaths and they are so simple to make! I actually already have two perfectly good wreaths that I've created for previous Christmasses, but when I saw this pack of black, silver and gold ornaments I couldn't resist getting them to make a new one for our front door. This is how you can make your own.

You will need:

Baubles (approximately 60)
Wire coat hanger
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun or a drill

The baubles need to be of at least two different sizes (smaller ones help to fill gaps).

Step One:

Take your wire hanger and untwist the ends. Bend the coat hanger into a big circle.

Step Two 

It can be tempting to thread the baubles straight onto the hanger, but previous experience tells me you will just cause problems for yourself by cutting corners! There are two things that need to be done first. 

However firmly the cap seems to be attached to the top of the bauble it is best to remove them and then hot glue them back on, to make the tops even more secure. In the past I've given the cap a little tug and decided it was fine, only for the balls to start pinging off once the wreath is done. If you don't have a hot glue gun you can remove the metal cap altogether and drill small holes through the top of the bauble instead (the raised bit where the cap attaches). This is my preferred method.

The second thing you need to do before you start threading the baubles onto the wire is arrange the baubles into some sort of order. Believe me, this saves time in the long run because you can end up with parts of the wreath with uneven patches of colour or big/small baubles if you don't put in the proper planning. It is such a pain to have to slide 60 baubles off a wire and start again.

Step Three

Now you can create your wreath! If you've put in the proper ground work this part is quick and easy. Once you have slid all of the baubles onto the wreath wrap the ends of the wire together to secure the hanger into a loop, and trim the ends with your wire cutters if necessary. Tie a big ribbon around the top of the wreath to hide the join and so that you can hang it up:


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Best Free Christmas Fonts

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Bit of a self indulgent post today because it's something I'm doing for my own benefit - I'm becoming a bit font obsessed and the image above is something I've created to keep an easy record of my favorite festive fonts. These are the font names and links to where you can download them, and best of all they are all completely free!

1. Kingthings Christmas
2. Candy Cane
3. Christmas Card
4. Angel Tears
5. Typewriter Alternate
6. Santa's Sleigh
7. Santa's Big Secret
8. Snowfall
9. Sketch Block
10. Christmas Flakes
11. Frosty 
12. St Nicholas
13. Contribute
14. Volutes
15. Things We Said
16. Christmas Snow
17. Snow
18. Cocktail Bubbly
19. Dalle
20. LP Snowflake

Happy Holidays everyone.