Monday, 10 December 2012

Our Organised Office in a Closet

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This is a follow on post from last Monday’s post, where I was finally able to share my son's bedroom reveal. There is so much I love about the newly decorated room; the soft greys, the chevron striped feature wall, the gallery of frames. But perhaps the best bit is the new “office in a closet” space.

Before we re-did the room, the fitted cupboard was being used as a wardrobe:

But now Liam has a proper wardrobe we wanted to do something fun with the space so we turned it into his very own workspace. One of the first things I tackled was the inside of the door. We all know that white paint yellows very quickly in a dark space (like a cupboard) so I was reluctant just to gloss it. Which led me to the decision to make the door multi-functional and paint it with chalkboard paint! I had previously toyed with the idea of turning one of the walls into a giant chalkboard, but had mixed feedback from people who had done something similar about whether they loved or regretted the end result. Just painting the back of a door seemed like a good compromise!

The desk is just a regular shelf that my husband installed. After our, erm, ‘lively’ “spirit level versus doing by eye” debate it turned out great. The shelf can hold plenty of weight but at some point I might replace it with something a bit more heavy duty. No rush though.

I’m a big fan of using hanging pots to organise desks areas (we have the Ikea Bygel rail and Asker containers in our lounge). These are Fintorp pots on a Bygel rail.

The board is the Spontan magnetic board (also an Ikea product). Liam uses it to display sentimental items and his artwork. 

I also got the coordinating Spontan newspaper rack and use this to hold a couple of Liam's drawing books and a wad of paper (he does a lot of drawing!)

I just wish that we had a fitted closet in our own bedroom that could be turned into a cute and functional office space!


  1. What an excellent place for your son to work and have fun. It is right out of a magazine! Beautiful job and love the buckets to hold markers.

  2. Looks so inviting, what a great space to get creative in, plus it can be tidied up simply by closing the door - love that!

    1. Yep got to love areas where you can hide the mess by just closing a door, especially with kids in the house!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Love those buckets. What a perfect desk area for a boy!

  4. Simple and inviting. Way to be creative. I'd love to have you link this us to Titus 2 Tuesday this week on Cornerstone Confessions.. I hope to see you there.


  5. This is awesome! Love the way you used the space. Featuring next week, feel free to grab a button.

  6. Love this idea! Stopping by via Organize your Stuff now!

  7. Love it! Very clean and organized! :)

  8. I am trying to figure out how to do this somewhere in my house! i just love the idea. so clean and crisp too:) shout out to HP!

  9. What a cozy idea! Now to find an extra closet...

  10. What a perfect use of space! :o) I love it! Thanks for the great inspiration and ideas!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy
    ps thanks for linking up at Happy Hour too!

  11. Very cute. I'm in the process of doing this project in my office. I need real working space that doesn't involve all of my craft stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm visiting from the Dog Days of Winter blog hop.


  12. This is such a cute space! Thanks for sharing it at the "Organize It" linky party!

  13. Oh my gosh you did such an amazing job! I love everything about it! I also really love the Harry Potter frames poster. How imaginative!

  14. I love this!! I wish I could do something like this in my own room, my husband would probably not agree with me taking up part of the closet though :)


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