Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Free Fonts for Baby Showers and Birth Announcements

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The wonderful response to my collection of Valentine's Day fonts has shown me that I am not alone in my love of pretty typography, so I feel perfectly justified in throwing another font-related post at you all today. This collection is based around perfect fonts for occasions like baby showers and birth announcements. Since I recently found out that I'm going to be an auntie I just couldn't resist the request from a reader to hunt down the best fonts for making baby shower invitations!

Of course, most of the fonts are suitable for other occasions and uses too. I'm particularly obsessed with Champagne and Limousines (number 4) and Zebra (number 8). With the latter, just be aware that there are several fonts going by the same name so be sure to follow the link I've included in this post to download the correct version. 

8) Zebra

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Freebie Thursday: Lego Party Printables

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Today's free printables are the last of the bits I created for my son's Lego party (missed the previous posts? Read the round-up of our Lego party here). 

The first thing I'm sharing is my Lego bumps printable. There are two pages on this PDF. The first is my Lego bumps "paper" which you could use for decor, wrapping party food - the uses are only limited by your imagination! Here's an example (chocolate bars wrapped to look like Lego bricks).

The second page of the PDF is more intended for punching out the "bumps" to glue onto things. For instance, creating cheap and easy Lego party bags or wrapping gifts to look like Lego bricks. Each bump is 2 inches wide and I recommend using a circle cutter. 

(Yes I know the bumps on the presents don't have "Lego" written on them - I hadn't created the printable at the time of wrapping these. But you get the idea!)

Here's the link to my Google Doc account so you can download or print the file:

The second printable I'm making available is the little Lego heads that I used on the straws:

Again, it's a two page PDF file. I printed the Lego figure heads straight onto yellow card, so the first page of the printable is just the black and white outline for people who want to do the same. But obviously not everyone has a convenient stash of coloured card stock to hand, so I've also created a second sheet of Lego heads which print in colour. 

Don't forget you can also download and print the Lego games I used at the party...

The Lego games printables can be found in last week's Freebie Thursday post.

If anyone uses any of my printables for their own Lego party and blogs about it I'd love it if you left a link to the post in the comments. Or if you've done a Lego party in the past I'd love to hear about that too (just because I'm nosey and like checking out other people's party ideas). Even though I've done two Lego parties now I've been known to Pin more ideas "just in case"!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Freebie Thursday: Lego Party Games Printables

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When I started blogging about our Lego party I promised some free printables, and since I wrote about some of the games and activities we played on Tuesday I figured Lego bingo and my "pin the face on the Lego head game" were good places to start!

My Lego Bingo printable comes with 10 bingo cards and 18 character cards for you to cut out for use by the caller. I think most people are familiar with how to play Bingo but here is a brief overview of the game for those of you who aren't:

1) Each player selects a Bingo card. They will also need a way to mark their card - pens or, if you want to re-use the card, a token of some kind. If you have a laminator you can also make the cards more durable by laminating them and then using dry erase pens.

2) You will need someone to act as the caller (if it's a kid's party this will probably be the responsible adult). The caller needs to place all 18 character cards into a large envelope or a bag. They should not be able to see what card they are pulling out.

3) The caller pulls out one card at a time and shows it to the players. If the player has that character on their Bingo card they need to mark it off. 

4) The winner is the first one to mark off all 9 characters on their playing card. 

I have also put brief instructions for playing the game on the printable itself, so that you don't have to hunt down the relevant blog post when you get around to playing the game. 

The second printable I've uploaded for you is my "pin the face on the Lego head" game. It is a variant of the classic "pin the tail on the donkey game". The PDF has two pages and you will need to print the first onto yellow card. The second page has the facial features on it and you will need to cut these out after printing. There are probably several ways of attaching these to the face, I just used a bit of Blu Tack which worked fine. You will also need a blindfold of some sort.

If you want to turn it into a competition you could give each child all 5 facial features and let them create the entire face, with the winner being the one who is most accurate (the head has faint guidelines printed on it). My preference is letting the kids work together on this so everyone gets one part to stick on. My boys think this game is hilarious because you can end up with some crazy looking faces!

Hope someone finds these useful! They aren't just for parties of course, they are a great way to entertain Lego loving kids on a rainy day. 

Next Thursday's regular freebie Thursday spot is also Lego party themed and will have some printables that will help you with creating decor.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Best Free Valentine's Day Fonts

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I know, I know fonts are turning into an obsession. But it's nearly Valentine's Day and I need to have some cute new fonts to make pretty printables, right? These are my newest downloads, plus a few fonts I've had installed a while but which I think are perfect for love and romance. Scroll down for the font names and where you can get them.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Favorite Celebration and Party Fonts

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Who doesn't love a good list of fonts?! This is something I created over the festive season for my own future reference and use, but since my post on my 20 favorite Christmas fonts was so well received I figured I'd share this with my readers too. These are the font names - click on the link to be taken to where you can download them (all of them are free):

6. Dalle
10. Volutes