Thursday, 14 March 2013

Easy Easter Bunny Cupcakes

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These cute Easter bunny cupcakes are a variation on something I've done for the previous couple of Easters and they are always a big hit with my boys! I really enjoy doing holiday themed crafts but tend to only have the time for them when they coincide with the school holidays, (which accounts for why there are no Valentine's day crafts on my blog). But this little baking project was very quick and simple and I was able to get the kids involved with decorating the cakes after school.

Here is the link to the bunny ears printable:

You will need to tape a toothpick to the back of the ears to insert them into the cakes. The eyes are made from chocolate chips.

I think I'll be making some more with the kids for Easter weekend, and probably pairing them with these chocolate dipped strawberries:

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  1. Those are so cute and look simple enough to make!

    1. Thanks - they are so super simple, two of the bunny cakes in the photo were done by my 5 year old!

  2. Love the bunny ears; so stinkin' cute! It makes me not even want to eat them (yeah right) :o)

  3. Such cute bunnies! and so simple!
    Yummy bunnies...
    My 7 year old will love making them...

  4. These are super cute! My kids will love them. Thanks!

  5. Totally agree with the other comments - very cute!

  6. Those cupcakes are so cute! Found you at Anti-procrastination Tuesday :)

  7. Those are absolutely adorable, especially with the strawberries dipped to look like carrots!! Darling! :-)

  8. Love these; they're so cute! Featured a link on my FB page. Hope you get some traffic!

  9. these are so cute ! thanksss ! i shared the link here :


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