Thursday, 20 June 2013

College Binder Printables: Budget And Finance

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Part two of my free college binder printables today (the first part can be found here if you missed it). These ones are all focused on budget and finances, which is very important if you are a student!

First up is a budget sheet to track income and outgoings. Since everyone's finances are different, I've laid out the monthly expenses so that you can break them down into four categories of your choosing, such as groceries, clothes, rent, fun, etc. 

The budget sheet gives an overview of where your money is going, but the payment checklist makes sure that you stay in control of your bills. It helps keep track of when each payment is due, how much it is, and includes check boxes so that you can mark when you've paid the bill each month. 

The third and final printable for this week's post is a loan repayment tracker. Since a loan is one of the biggest and most important expenses a student has, I thought it needed its own spreadsheet.

The next installment of college binder printables will be centred around classes, and organising your studies. 


  1. Thanks so much! I totally am a space cadet with bills and I need to get better..less stress that way! Thanks for sharing these!



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