Thursday, 13 June 2013

Free College Binder Printables

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Today I am sharing some free college binder printables! I've shared plenty of management binder printables in the past, but recently had a sweet email from Sabra at College. Crazy. Life asking if I would be willing to create some new ones especially for students who want to get organised. There are quite a lot of printables in this series, so I'm splitting them over four weeks (with every installment scheduled to go out on Thursdays).

I've tried to give the printables as broad an appeal as possible, so that they are adaptable to the needs of high school, college and university students. Now let's get started!

The first printable is a coversheet for the college binder, (because binders are always prettier with a coversheet!). 

Next is a calendar to keep students organised month by month. All twelve months are included in one PDF, and I've created each page as a monthly perpetual calendar so that the same printables can be used year after year. 

Next is a printable for keeping a record of important dates. Obviously these can be written on the calendar too, but it is very helpful to be able to see everything at a single glance.

The last free printable I'm sharing today is a time tracker. You can laminate it and use it to schedule things like classes, study time, social activities, etc. I kinda wish I had a printable like this when I was still a student!

Next week's college binder printables are all to do with managing student budgets and finances. 

I understand that these printables are aimed at a demographic different to my typical reader, but if you have a school or college age child (or know one) then please spread the word! After all, it is good to instill good organisational habits at a young age. ;-)


  1. These are great! I love planning and I am sure college students could use these. Great tips & found you on the Natasha In Oz party. Happy Weekend!

  2. Wow. You did a really good job with these! You sure know how to organize :)


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