Friday, 5 July 2013

College Binder Printables: Organise Your Life

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I couldn't really decide on a tag line for the final part of my college binder printable series, but eventually opted for "Organise Your Life". I have three printables that will help students who live away at college stay in control of various non-academic parts of their lives. Although they are aimed at college and uni students, the printables are actually pretty generic and can be used by anyone.

Organise your social life with this printable! It has a space for home addresses, phone numbers and email. 

If you want to get fit, being organised will make you more likely to achieve your goals. This printable helps you set some fitness goals and the date for when you want to achieve them by. You can tick them off as you go along to stay motivated.

There is also space at the bottom of the printable to plan out a timetable for your fitness regime.

The final printable in my college organisation series is a recipe card, because most students are at an age where they are learning to be independent and cook their own meals. 

I hope you have found the printables in this set helpful!


  1. Angela, there are two fitness sheets but no recipe card. It's a long time ago that I needed a College binder, but a recipe card would be nice for an old lady ;-) Thank you.

    Have a nice and sunny day.

    1. Oops. It was very late last night when I put this post together and I must have copied the wrong link.

      Fixing it now for you. :)

    2. Right, all fixed now. I tested it this time. ;-)

  2. Thank you so much for these wonderful printables. I am returning to school to complete my degree in the fall. I will be returning as an adult student(I'm 33). I'm excited but a little overwhelmed at the same time. You made these printables at just the right time. They will help me to stay organized. Thanks again!!! :)

  3. I'm starting my Sophomore year of college in a few weeks and I have been searching everywhere for something to help me get organized I cannot describe the "organized" chaos I had going the past year lol Thank You so Much!

  4. This is awesome! Angela, you are the :)


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