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How To Align And Re-Size Blog Buttons

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I've shared a couple of tutorials on blog buttons, including how to add social media icons to your sidebar and how to add buttons to a post signature. Occasionally I get emails from people asking for further tips on how to get the buttons behaving as needed. This means lining up nicely, or fitting in better with the sidebar. So today I am sharing a quick tutorial on how to re-size your blog buttons and set their alignment using simple HTML code. 

This tutorial doesn't just apply to social media icons, you can also use it for getting your link party buttons looking neat and orderly. Actually, these bits of code can be used for any image, not just buttons, but I'm writing the tutorial in this context because it reflects the questions I receive.

How To Re-Size Blog Buttons And Images

What if you have download some pretty blog buttons, (like my free social media icons), but they are slightly too wide to all fit in your blog's sidebar? Having them over two different lines just doesn't look quite as neat! In this sort of situation, you need to know how to re-size an image.

The HTML code for images looks like this:

<img src="">

If you want to alter the size you need to add in a width and height command:

<img src="" width="50" height="50">

And since we are talking about buttons in this tutorial, this is an example of how the entire HTML code for a social media icon might look:

<a href=""><img src="" width="50" height="50"></a>

To help you re-size your buttons, here is a visual guide of what different widths/heights look like in pixels.

How To Align Buttons And Images

If you are adding images or buttons to a Blogger blog post, aligning them is very easy. If you click on the image in Compose mode then it brings up your options for alignment (right, left or centre):

However, adding buttons to a sidebar or signature means using the proper HTML. 

Align your buttons to the left

To align your buttons to the left, you will need the following code:

<div align="left">

The code for the buttons is placed in between the two commands, so that your HTML will look like this:

<div align="left>
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Align your buttons to the right

If you want to align either icons or an image to the right of the page then the code is:

<div align="right">

As with the previous example, the code for the image(s) goes before the </div> command.

Align your buttons to the centre

Finally, to align your buttons or image to the centre the code is:

<div align="center">
English bloggers, please note that the HTML command uses the American spelling of "center".


  1. Thanks so much for this because my "grab my button" image is huge and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. This came at the perfect time. Thank you again!!!!

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  10. I just read a blog post on how important it is to have images scaled to the right size on blogs, because it helps the pages load faster, so this is very helpful, thanks!

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  19. That is so much easier than the way I have been doing it! I have been re-sizing them in individually in picmonkey, then uploading them to photobucket. Then when I realize they are still the wrong size, I go through the process all over again...LOL I absolutely love your helpful tips, thank you so much Angela :)

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