Thursday, 10 October 2013

Harry Potter Hogwarts Pumpkin Stencil

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Wow, what a week! To say that this week has been somewhat chaotic would be an understatement, and to top it all off I have been without an Internet connection for a lot of the time (hence no post yesterday). But onwards and upwards.

For those of you who, like me, are amazed by how quickly 2013 is flying by, here is a reminder that it is less than 3 weeks until Halloween. I know, right? Now that I have realised exactly how close we are to 31st October, I am starting to think about things like pumpkins and costumes.

Here is the pumpkin I did last year:

Ten points to Gryffindor if you instantly knew it was the Hogwarts school crest. ;-)

I have been asking the kids for feedback on what sort of pumpkin they would like this year. I was personally rooting for a Despicable Me minion pumpkin. But the kids are adamant that they want the same Harry Potter pumpkin we had last time. Which I have to admit was pretty cool, and very popular with the trick or treaters. 

And since I am the caring, sharing type, you can download the stencil which I have created for my own use (link is below the picture).

I didn't keep a copy of the template I created last year (doh!), so the design is subtley different.

What pumpkins are you doing this year?


  1. That is so creative! I love it!! Thanks for sharing the stencil.. I am hopin to use this image to create Harry Potter inspired nail art! The crest always look very difficult to do but I like this simplified version which will be much easier to paint on my nails :)

  2. Cute and clever! I used a slightly more detailed version of this design for a freezer paper stencil on a sweat shirt for my Harry Potter obsessed granddaughter. You did a good job.

  3. Holy AWESOMEness!! The detail is so wonderful! Love me some Harry Potter! Thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday!

  4. WOW I'm super impressed with your pumpkin carving skills... AMAZING!!! thanks so much for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays. You were featured today! I spread the word around the web, feel free to re-share one or more of my social medial posts :o) Emily@nap-timecreations

  5. As a Harry Potter fan I would love a pumpkin like this this year!!! We featured you over on Fancy This Fridays by the way... ;)


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