Thursday, 9 January 2014

Free Tooth Fairy Receipt Template (Editable)

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This tooth fairy receipt printable is a prime of example of a post idea which takes several months to become a reality. I actually think it was an idea I jotted down not long after starting this blog! Hopefully it was worth the wait.

When my eldest son lost his first tooth I found him asleep with a lightsaber under his pillow, which he had put there in case he needed to defend himself against the tooth fairy. Generally though, I think most children are excited about being visited by a fairy, and this printable will make checking under the pillow in the morning even more exciting!

How To Edit Your Tooth Fairy Receipt

The date, number of teeth, child's name and the amount of money exchanged for the tooth can all be edited.

To add your child's details, open the PDF in a program such as Adobe Reader. The editable fields will all display as blue, and you can type within the box. These blue boxes do not actually show when you print out the finished tooth fairy receipt.

Most PDF readers do not allow you to save the edited file, but you can keep a copy of the blank PDF for future use.

I hope that the tooth fairy receipt brings a smile to your child's face!


  1. What a cute idea! I am passing it on to my sisters' since my kids have lost all their baby teeth:( Thankyou!

  2. What a darling idea! Thanks!

  3. Oh my gosh, how fun! I love this idea! Pinning, and thanks for sharing at Creativity Unleashed!

  4. Thanks so much. My 6 year old is anxiously waiting to lose her first tooth. I'm pinning it! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, if only I'd have had this when my daughter was little. She made me do a handwriting test to prove I wasn't the tooth fairy. LOL! This is a super idea!

  6. How fun is this!! Very cute idea.


  7. Hello. This is my first time stopping by! This is the coolest idea ever! Love it! Thanks so much! :)

  8. such a CUTE idea! I don't have kids yet but I'm pinning this to remember to do it in a couple of years. Thanks for sharing!

    Following you on google+ and facebook!


  9. So adorable! My 5-yo is talking about her "wiggly" tooth a lot now, so I think this may come in handy very soon! Thanks!

  10. This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen! Absolutely love it!

  11. This is so cute and I love that you made them editable!
    Featured you this week on Project Inspire{d}! Thanks so much for joining in and hope you'll link up again!

  12. Thank you for linking up to the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Link Party Last week. Hope to see you and your Awesome ideas tonight at 7 EST!


  13. I love it! I found out over Christmas break that my 4 year old has a loose tooth and it's due to come out any day now...I'm slightly bummed that my baby is already losing teeth. But, this will be a fun addition to future tooth losing experiences :).


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