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How To Clean Between Oven Glass

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Just before Christmas I gave my oven a really good scrub using my vinegar and baking soda method. But there was one bit  that was still filthy, and it frankly was bothering me a bit; the glass door on the oven. How does the grease end up between the two panes anyway?

There are some models of oven where you can pop out the glass and give it a proper clean. However, this can be tricky and there could be warranty implications if you can't get your door back together. Also, there are some doors - like mine - where it isn't possible to take the door apart. But I have got the solution.

With the gloomy weather and my dark kitchen I haven't been able to get many decent pictures of the process, but I will describe the method as best I can.

Cleaning Between The Glass On An Oven Door

You will need two things to clean the oven door; some cleaning solution and a cleaning implement. There are a number of options for both.

To clean the glass, you will need to use a product which cuts through grease and gives a streak free finish. Some cleaning solutions to try are:

* Windex, or similar cleaning product for windows.
* Kitchen cleaning product for glass hobs.
* Homemade kitchen cleaner, made with white vinegar and dish soap.

I went for the DIY solution, as vinegar is an effective cleaner and washing up liquid (dish soap) is specially formulated to cut through grease. I mixed up half a cup of warm water with an equal part of white vinegar, then added a couple of drops of Fairy liquid (the American equivalent is Dawn).

Next, you will need to devise an implement for scrubbing the glass. First of all, you will need to find something which will create a long handle. You can use:

* A wire coat hanger (straightened out).
* A bottle brush.
* Dryer vent brush.

I used the first one, as I have an abundance of wire coat hangers thanks to husband's forgetfulness when it comes to returning them to the dry cleaner. You will need to secure something to the end of your cleaning implement, such as a cloth. Ideas are:

* An old sock.
* A small rag.
* A cleaning wipe.

I used an elastic band to secure a rag to the coat hanger - it is very important that the rag cannot come off easily. You don't want to lose it between the panes of glass!

Once you have created your special cleaning device, you will need to do the following.

Step one. Look for vents (gaps) on your oven door. My door has vents on both the top and bottom, but many ovens will have them only on the bottom.

Step two. Figure out how you can poke your cleaning device into the gaps. If you have a freestanding oven with a drawer underneath, you can take out the drawer and lay on the floor to access the gaps. Alternatively, you could look in your oven's manual and see if the door can be lifted off its hinges. If there is no easy way to get to the gaps, then a wire coat hanger will be your best cleaning implement because you can contort it to get into awkward spaces.

Still with me?

Step three. Soak your cleaning rag with your cleaning product of choice. Not too much - you need enough to clean the grease, but too much excess will lead to streaks. If the door is very bad, you may want to use a product to tackle the grease first, then following it up with a dedicated glass cleaner.

Step four. Insert the cleaning implement into the slats on the oven door, and clean the glass with a gentle side to side motion. I am not going to lie, this can take time and patience if you want to achieve a great finish. Years of dust and grease will not come off in a matter of minutes.

Step five. Carefully remove your cleaning implement. Repeat the process if you can still see some remaining dirt and streaks. Admire your shiny oven glass, then pop the door back on its hinges if applicable.

Let me know if any part of the instructions aren't clear enough. :-)


  1. My favorite step was #2 "Figure out how you can poke your cleaning device into the gaps." Lol! It made me laugh :) Great tips, now I just need to figure out where the gaps are!

  2. Hey, Angela! My mother-in-law has had this problem with her over for years. I can't wait to give her you tips! She'll be thrilled. Hope all is well with you and your family! I'll be in touch.

  3. I've been staring my oven down for days - the inside needs a cleaning (going to do the baking soda and vinegar thing), but I get so frustrated with the dirty glass!!! You've given me the encouragement I needed to know it really can be done! Thank you.

  4. Awesome. Just moved into a new home with an oven full of someone else's old food germs. Will definitely be using this! Thanks!

  5. I had this problem over Christmas - a long drip of roasted chicken grease got between the two panes of glass... and I can't remove the front one to get at it... design fail! Much to my dismay it's still there, but not for long. Thanks for the tip! X

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I wish I had known this trick in our old house, but I'm sure to need it eventually in the new house.

    - Stopping by from the Creativity Unleashed Link Pary

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! This has been bothering me for years! I have found great ways to clean the inside of the oven, but never in between the glass. Thanks again! Can't wait to try.

  8. I would never have thought you can do this. I'll keep this handy for my real estate clients to try before just replacing the oven!

    Pinning to my boards!

    Found you from Creatively Unleashed party.

  9. I am so going to try this. My oven glass suffered when I cleaned the oven with baking soda as some of the baking soda and water leaked between the glass then dripped down the inside. The oven looks great but the glass is a mess. Thank you for the hints! Stopped by from Inspiration Monday.

  10. I had no idea you could insert something between the glass. Genius! pinning.

  11. Smart! The glass on our oven door is totally gross, could definitely use some cleaning! Pinning this, and thanks so much for sharing at Creativity Unleashed!

  12. what a great idea!!! thanks so much for linking up. You were last week's most clicked link at Creativity Unleashed! Will be featuring you - hope to see you back tomorrow. :)

  13. I've always wondered how to clean that tricky part of the oven. Five of my friends and I started a lifestyle link party, you have the perfect content to link up

  14. Great tip; I totally need to do this now! :) Thanks for sharing!


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