Monday, 3 February 2014

Clean Your Home In 15 Minutes Per Day

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For the last few years, I've been using the "clean your home in 15 minutes per day" approach. In fact, I already blogged about the topic way back when I started this blog. However, I thought it was a topic which was worth coming back to because this cleaning approach really works!

How To Clean Your Home In 15 Minutes Per Day

I don't want to give anyone false expectations here. There are certain tasks, such as doing laundry, which are not included in the 15 minutes. I've yet to discover a shortcut to doing that (other than getting my kids involved). It also wont give you an immaculate home if this is the only cleaning you ever do - you are still going to top up your cleaning schedule with a deep clean, now and then.

The idea of a 15 minutes a day clean up is to keep your home looking more or less tidy and presentable most of the time, so that short notice visitors don't freak you out. I'll top up my 15 minute cleaning routine with some more thorough spring cleaning about once a season.

Suggested Schedule For Your Daily Cleaning Routine

Coming up with a cleaning schedule to share on the blog is super hard. Peoples' routines, lifestyles and homes are all so different that it is tricky to devise a "one routine fits all" schedule. Personally, I like to focus on one room or "zone" per day, so that is the approach I've gone with here. I also structure the week so that living areas and bathrooms are done at the end of the week, so that they look their best when I am most likely to have people round.

A note on the terms I've used below...

"Do a general pick up." Nothing makes your home easier to clean than keeping it clutter free. At the end of each day, do a quick pick and return any out of place items to their home. Once you are in the habit of this, it wont take long at all as it becomes second nature.

"Sweep floors". I vacuum the main living areas every day because we have a spaniel who sheds fur everywhere. Depending on your situation, you can pick and choose which floors you clean on a daily basis, or even skip this task some days.


Do a general pick up.

Sweep floors.

Clean windows.

Wipe down baseboards.


Do a general pick up.

Sweep floors. 

Change bed sheets.

Dust bedrooms.

Vacuum bedrooms.


Do a general pick up.

Sweep floors.

Mop kitchen floors.

Wipe down kitchen cabinets.

Wipe down kitchen appliances.


Do a general pick up.

Sweep floors.

Launder bath mats and towels.

Clean tubs, showers, sinks and toilets.

Wipe mirrors.

Mop bathroom floor(s).


Do a general pick up.

Sweep floors.

Dust all living areas.

Vacuum living areas (floors and upholstery).

So that is more or less my cleaning schedule for the week. As a disclaimer, I will say that the bathrooms do take me a little longer than 15 minutes because I like to be very thorough with cleaning that area (since we have three males in the house!).

I hope this post gives someone the boost they need to get themselves into their own cleaning routine. :-)

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