Monday, 24 March 2014

What To Put In Plastic Easter Eggs (Besides Candy)

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One of my favorite Easter traditions is doing an Easter egg hunt with the kids. I don't like to use chocolate eggs (which would be inadvisable anyway now we have a dog). But I do think that there are some really fun non-candy alternatives which can be put in plastic eggs.

What To Put In Plastic Easter Eggs

I've roughly broken my suggestions into three categories so you can tailor it to the interests of your child. (In case you are wondering what I'm putting in our eggs this year, the answer is mostly Lego!).


Lego Figures

Lego blocks

Temporary tattoos

Magnetic letters

Jigsaw puzzle (can split over several eggs)

Finger puppets

Wind up toys

Toy cars

Mini Water Gun

Water balloons

Novelty balloons

Magic grow toys

Stretch toys

Play dough

Silly putty

Army men

Mini dinosaurs

Barbie or Polly Pocket accessories

Bouncy balls


Star Wars beanz

Finger lights

Glow bracelets


Mini tubes of bubbles

Whoopee cushion


Pirate eye patch

Fun snaps (a.k.a Whipper Snappers or Snaps)


Fuzzy chicks




Glitter/ glitter glue

Tiny notepad



Novelty erasers


Pom poms

Googly eyes

Rubber stamps

Ink pad

Pencil toppers


Lego watch

Packs of seeds

Small magnifying glass



Hair ties

Mood ring



Funky shoe laces

Lip gloss

Small nail polish

Ear buds


Novelty band aids


Bonus suggestion: Easter jokes. This printable will be available on Thursday. :-)

Any more suggestions? Leave me comment!

*** Please note, some links in this post are affiliate links. But the items are genuinely awesome. ;-) ***

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Free Social Media Icons: Pastel Collection

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I have shared a few sets of free social media icons, but my favourites are still the first still the first set I created. However, the 12 colours I used were all very bold and that doesn't suit everyone's blog design. So today I am sharing 8 more sets of circular social media icons but in more subtle pastel shades. I hope you like them!

Social Media Buttons

Each of the sets include 12 social media icons and one blank button. These include:

Bloglovin', Email, Etsy, Facebook, Flickr, Google Plus,

Instagram, Pinterest, RSS, Tumblr, Twitter, Linked In
The buttons have a transparent background so that they can be used against any colour of blog background (make sure that you keep the files in .png format to retain their transparency). Each file measures 70 pixels by 70 pixels, but can be re-sized if necessary. If you want to learn how to re-size images using HTML code check out this tutorial.

Download Your Free Social Media Icons

To download your chosen social media icon set(s) click on the text links below.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How To Add A Signature To Blog Posts

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Practically forever ago I wrote a tutorial on how to add a signature to your blog posts. I think that post is well overdue an update, so here is my new and improved guide to adding a personalized signature to your blog.

How To Create A Signature

I am going to share three cool ways to create your signature.

Option One: Use Your Own Handwriting

I thought I would put this option first since so many of my readers loved the idea of turning handwriting into a font. You can read my in depth post on turning handwriting into a font here, but I've also summarised the steps below.

Step One. Go to and download the template.

Step Two. Scan the finished template to your computer and upload the image to the website.

Step Three. Download the generated font to your computer and create your signature in a paint/graphics programme such as Photoshop.

Step Four. Upload the finished image to your image host.

Option Two: Use PicMonkey

If you haven't tried PicMonkey before, it is an online graphics software which allows you to create images for free. I like this option for making signatures because you can also add fun elements like shapes.

Step One. Go to PicMonkey and hover your mouse over "Design" on the top menu. Choose a custom sized canvas and write the dimensions you want in the box. I recommend a size of approximately 200 pixels by 100 pixels.

Step Two. Select the Text tab from the left hand menu. Pick a font you like and click the "Add Text" button. After you have created your text you can change the colour, size and rotation.

Step Three. If you want, embellish your signature with an Overlay (click on the butterfly tab on the menu). In the image above, you can see that I added a heart shape over the dot of the 'i'.

Step Four. Save the finished image to your computer then upload to your image host.

Option Three: Use A Signature Generator

This is probably my least favourite option (the generator website is rammed with so many ads it is difficult to find the genuine links), but it is probably the easiest method if you aren't very tech savvy. It also has the best range of fonts. You can read a more detailed version of the method in my original post on adding a signature to blog posts.

Step one. Go to and follow the instructions. Enter your name, select your font, choose the size and then finally pick the background/font colour. You can also edit the signature so that it slopes upwards.

Step two. Download your finished signature to your computer by clicking on the link or using the 'right click' and 'save' method.

Step three. Upload the signature image to your image hosting website.

Adding Your Signature To Blog Posts

Since I don't use Wordpress, the following method can only be applied to Blogger.

Step one. Go to your Blogger dashboard and navigate to Settings/Posts and Comments.

Step two. Copy and paste the image URL into the box. It should look something like <img src="">. If you use Blogger's standard image host (Picasa) you need to check the "image only" box and copy the web address from under "Embed Image".

Step three. Your new signature will show up on every post you create from now on (but won't automatically be added to posts you have already published).