Thursday, 17 July 2014

Printable Placemats For Kids To Color

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I really love the coloring and puzzle pages which many family friendly restaurants provide. They are a great way to keep children occupied while they are waiting for their food, especially if they are preschooler age. I've always thought they would be great to have at home on special occasions or when we have extra children round.

If you want to rack up the dinner time entertainment factor at home you can buy tablecloths which kids can draw on, which I have considered purchasing for when we have younger visitors. But then I decided that I would take the cheap and easy option and simply create my own printable placemats!

You can provide pencils or crayons so the children at the table can color them in. It will keep them happy and quiet, and you will have a no fuss placemat which can simply be recycled once dinner is over.

Alternatively, if they are particularly proud of their efforts, you can laminate the finished picture. This means that the placemat can be used over and over again.

Click on the link above to download the printable PDF. It can be opened with any free program such as Adobe Reader (or you can print it directly from the link above).

Meal times have never been so much fun. Enjoy. :-)

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