Thursday, 3 July 2014

100+ Summer Bucket List Ideas (With Printable)

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I have been busy compiling a bucket list of summer ideas for the kids, as there are only 3 weeks left until the end of term (in the UK at least). Really looking forward to slowing down a bit and just being able to enjoy some baking, crafts and other fun activities.

I've roughly broken the summer activities into five categories; food, crafts, science, days out and "other". To make things easier, I've also linked to handy resources so you don't have to go Googling instructions yourself.

At the bottom of the page you will also find my editable bucket list printable. :-)


1. Eat an ice cream
2. Make a pizza
3. Bake some cookies
4. Decorate some cupcakes
5. DIY popsicles
6. Make lemonade
7. Toast marshmallows
8. Make Rice Krispie treats
9. Mix your own cocktails (non-alcoholic!)
10. Make lunch or dinner for your family


1. Make friendship bracelets
2. Paint some rocks
3. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
4. Make your own playdough
5. DIY bowling
6. Create some salt dough ornaments
7. Create a collage
8. Make a pinwheel
9. Finger knitting (happy childhood memories of this one!)
10. Make a dream catcher
11. Create toy boats and watch them sail
12. Potato printing
13. Straw painting
14. Make a bird feeder
15. Create a short animation
16. Leaf doodles
17. Design your own bunting
18. Sew a sock puppet (and put on a show)
19. Create some Lego crayons
20. Dyed pasta beads
21. Learn to make yarn pompoms
22. Press flowers in a book
23. Make a sculpture out of junk
24. Put together a scrapbook
25. Make a mask
26. Design your own T shirt
27. Build a Lego pen pot
28. Make your own bouncy ball


1. Create a rocket out of a plastic bottle
2. Make a volcano with vinegar and baking soda
3. Learn about astronomy and go star gazing
4. Stab a potato with a straw
5. Watch a chrysalis become a butterfly
6. Trace your shadow with chalk
7. Dye white flowers rainbow colors
8. Design and make a mini parachute
9. Floating egg experiment
10. Blow up balloons using baking soda
11. DIY lava lamp
12. Have a paper plane contest
13. Learn about optical illusions by make a spinner
14. Make a tornado in a bottle
15. Learn about electricity and make a circuit
16. Create a rainbow
17. Make fake slime!
18. Grow your own stalagmite and stalactites
19. Create crystal geodes

Days Out 

1. Go fruit picking
2. Visit a museum
3. Have a picnic
4. Spend a day at the beach
5. Visit a farm
6. See animals at the zoo
7. Go to the movies
8. Day out at an amusement park
9. Feed the ducks
10. Go geocaching


1. Blow giant bubbles
2. Have a big water fight!
3. Make your own water slide
4. Build a fort
5. Camp out in the garden
6. Plants some seeds (cress or sunflowers are great for kids)
7. Go swimming
8. Roll down a hill
9. Family games night
10. Research family history and draw a family tree
11. Read 6 books
12. Send a letter
13. Keep a journal
14. Go on a bug hunt
15. Write a secret message using lemon juice
16. Collect seashells
17. Play hopscotch
18. Set up a crazy golf course in your back garden
19. Scavenger hunt
20. Be a secret agent and create your own code
21. Fly a kite (try making your own)
22. Build a sandcastle
23. Find some snails and set up a race
24. Toss a frisbee
25. Create your own backyard Olympics
26. Write a story
27. Bury a time capsule in your garden
28. Make up a play and act it out
29. Choreograph a dance routine
30. Learn some useful phrases in a foreign language
31. Have a movie night
32. Watch a sunset
33. Do a random act of kindness

Free Printable Bucket List (Blank)

You can use this printable in three ways:

* Print it out and fill it in by hand.

* Print it out and laminate it, so that the printable is reusable (use dry erase pens).

* Open the PDF in Adobe Reader and type in your activity ideas. Print it.

If you want to fill in the form fields prior to printing, simply click on the blue boxes and start typing. The blue boxes are for guidance only and do not actually show on the print out.

If you have any good ideas for keeping children entertained over the school holidays, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!

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  1. Lovely idea Angela. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great ideas for activities. Definitely will be doing some of these with my 6 year old.

  3. Freaking amazing! Thank you for sharing, this will be really helpful for me as I'm babysitting my brother this summer.


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