Friday, 1 August 2014

Doctor Who Printable TARDIS And Editable Party Favor

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Last month I hurriedly assembled some Doctor Who printable TARDIS boxes to hold party favors for the kids at my son's birthday, (in a ditzy moment I'd forgotten that 9 year old boys still expect to go home with some sort of token gift). I never intended for the finished printable to make it onto the blog, but since the new series of Doctor Who is only about three weeks away I thought that other people might appreciate the printable too.

FYI, if you like Doctor Who or are arranging a birthday party for a young fan, I should be sharing some more printables over the next few weeks.

The first free printable is a straightforward do-it-yourself TARDIS. Simply print the template onto card, cut out the pieces carefully, apply glue to the tabs and fold into shape. Folding is much easier if you gently score the fold lines first.

The second printable is intended for parties. You can either give the paper model itself as a party favor or use it as a party favor box (just leave the tabs at the top unglued and pop some sweets or candy inside). But what makes this printable a bit special is that it is editable.

You can add in your party guests' names...

... and you can also add a personal message to the back of the TARDIS.

Ten points if you can identify where the quote is from. Twenty points if you realized that the correct quote is "always take a banana to a party". (I noticed my mistake the second I hit print, but wasn't going to correct it since my printer was running low on cyan ink).

If you like these printables, please spread the word. Pinning is appreciated, so that other Doctor Who fans can enjoy these freebies too. :-)

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