Thursday, 6 November 2014

Best Christmas Fonts 2014

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It's time for my annual Christmas fonts post! My 2012 festive fonts post and 2013 Christmas fonts collection pretty much cover all of the "proper" Christmassy typefaces, so this year I have done something a little different.

Rather than going for fonts which were actually created especially for the festive season, I have selected regular fonts which evoke a feel of the holiday season (in my opinion at least). Many of these fonts were released recently, so hopefully even the most die hard font fanatics will find something new to download!

All of the fonts are free if you are using them for non-commercial purposes. Here are the links:

Santa - Berty Script

Rudolph - Dutch and Harley

Dasher - CF Jacques Cartier

Dancer - Betty

Prancer - Mougatine

Vixen - Mandala Home

Cupid - Midnight Hymn

Blitzen - DJB Dear St. Nick

Donner - La Truite A Papa

Comet - Mademoiselle Camille

Now I just need to come up with some projects to use them for. :-)

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